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Malayalam Bhajans, Vol 1


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Amma sings powerful classics in her native language. This is a superb collection of deeply moving bhajans from the early days with Amma. Recorded live and ringing with the melodies, rhythms, and images of Amma's homeland, this collection also has a wonderful universal quality. The reason is that all of the bhajans included here are in praise of the All-embracing Divine Mother, the Primordial Energy.

In Sundari Ni Vayo, She is called "Come, O Beautiful One who destroys sorrow. Come, Auspicious One, who surpasses the three states of being. Come, Eternal One... Thou art Brahman, the Self-luminous, and unique as well as the multitude of forms and formless, too." From Srishtiyum Niye to Kamesha Vamakshi to Bhaktavalsale Devi, one can just imagine being with Amma at the edge of the sea, as she sings out these songs in her heart-rending way.

Amma stresses the significance of devotional singing or "bhajan" as a part of her teaching: "To gain concentration during this dark age, devotional singing is better than meditation. Through intense singing, other distracting sounds will be overcome, and concentration will be achieved. Devotional singing, concentration, meditation--that is the progression."

The songs on this CD are:

  1. Anandamayi Brahmamayi
  2. Srishtiyum Niye
  3. Sundari Ni Vayo
  4. Kannunir Kondu Nin
  5. Kamesha Vamakshi
  6. Uyirayi Oliyayi
  7. Vannalum Ambike
  8. Chamundaye
  9. Bhaktavalsale Devi

You can listen to 45 second clips from the tracks on this CD:

1. Amritamtava 
2. Anandame 
3. Amba Amriteshwari 
4. Sandhya Mayangukayayi 
5. Ammaye Kanaan 
6. Radhikesha 
7. Deenajana 
8. Ee Manojna Bhumiyil 
9. Premaprabho 
10. Amriteshwari 


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