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  1. Choosing Items to Buy
  2. Out of Stock Items
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Choosing Items to Buy

If you're just browsing what we have to sell or if you're looking for something specific but have no idea what it's called then click one of the category names in the categories list on the left-hand side of the page. You will then be shown a list of all the items in that category.

If however you do know exactly what you want then you can enter its name, or a part of its name, in the search box which is just below the categories list. Clicking the Go button will then display a list of all the items which match the word(s) you entered.

To see the full details of an item click on its title or picture.

When you have found something you want to buy simply click the "Add to basket" button to add it to your "shopping basket". In some case you will have to select an option before you can add it to your shopping basket. For example, for photographs you must select the size you want (also note that the price may be different for different options of the same item).

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Out of Stock Items

The shop will not allow you to add an item which is out of stock to your shopping basket. You can either come back at a later date to see whether it is back in stock or you can enter your email address and the shop will automatically notify you when stock is available.

In general we receive a shipment of new stock items only once a year, that is, when Amma visits the UK. The stock is brought over from the ashram in Germany in a large truck along with all the paraphernalia required to set up the visit (it is done like this to save money on shipping). Therefore, if an item goes out of stock during the year there can be a delay, perhaps of several months, before we get new stock. We hope you will understand.

If you really want to get hold of an out-of-stock item quickly then we recommend that you purchase it from one of the the other on-line shops. You can find a list of them on the European web site:

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Your Shopping Basket

A summary of the items you have placed in your shopping basket is shown in the basket area on the upper right-hand side of the screen (if you can't see this then hover your mouse over the text "Basket" at the very top right-hand side - next to the shopping trolley symbol).

When you have finished choosing the items you want to buy, or if you just want to see the total cost of your order including postage, then go to the checkout. You can do this either by clicking the text "Basket" mentioned above or by clicking the "Check out" button in the basket area.

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The Checkout

The checkout has up to 5 steps. The first step shows a list of all the items you have chosen together with their unit price, the quantity you are buying and the sub-total. It also shows the postage (shipping) charge and the grand total for the whole order. Here you can, if you wish, change the quantity of any of the items you have chosen or you can remove an item altogether. If you decide you want to go back and choose something else then you'll need to click the "Continue shopping" link which will take you back to the page you came from.

In step 2 you tell us who you are. If you have an account then log in with your email address and password (if you've already logged in this step will be skipped). If you want to create an account then enter your email address and click the “Create an account” button. Otherwise, if you are not interested in an account then scroll down to use the “INSTANT CHECKOUT” and “DELIVERY ADDRESS” sections. Enter all the details required (and please provide a phone number in case we need to speak to you).

In step 3 you confirm your address. In step 4 you choose the delivery method. Delivery options and postage charges are explained in more detail on the Delivery Options and Charges page however, briefly, the delivery methods available for your order are shown and you can choose the one you want (for UK deliveries if more than one option is shown then just choose the cheapest - it should already be selected, see the blue dots to the left of each method).

In the final step, step 5, you choose how you want to pay. If you wish to pay by card or if you have a PayPal account then choose PayPal. Please note that a PayPal account is not mandatory, PayPal will allow you to enter your card details without having to register for an account however to do this, when you are redirected to the PayPal web site, you must click the grey "Checkout as a Guest" button (nb: this notice may change as PayPal keep changing the appearance of their checkout page).

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Secure Payment

Please note that when you use PayPal you are temporarily transferred to the PayPal web site to enter your payment details. PayPal is a widely used and highly secure system, it has safely processed many millions of payments. All data sent to and from the PayPal web site is encrypted so please be assured that your credit or debit card details are safe, they are not transmitted to the on-line shop web site (or any other site for that matter), PayPal simply informs the on-line shop that payment has been made.

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Accounts - Do I Need One?

In step 2 (or from anywhere on the web site by clicking the “Log in” link at the top-right) you have the option to create an account. Having an account means that you only need to enter your contact details (your name, email and delivery address) once. The next time you come to place an order you simply log in using your email address and password and the shop knows who you are and where you want your order delivered. An account also allows you to view your previous orders which can be useful if you want to see which items you ordered in the past and to create wishlists of certain items you are interested in. A wishlist can be emailed to another person.

You don't have to have an account though, you can use the instant checkout, however if you come back to place another order in the future you will have to enter all of your details again as the shop will have 'forgotten' about you.

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